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clock créée le 24 août 2020

Yes I do.

What are the most powerful skills you have?

Strength from the back.

I love that song.

What's the biggest challenge you've experienced growing up?

Getting a big show in Hollywood.

When was that first song written?

I have to answer that question.

What's your favorite thing about growing up?

I love having my parents around. That's how it grew up.

What did you think of becoming a film star on your own?

I love growing up. I think it's a pretty different experience for young people than when I was a kid. Some things are better to focus on than others.

What was your favorite aspect that led you to create your own soundtracks?

When I made it, "Fingers That Grow."

Do you see yourself playing in any other genres right now? (And for how to articulate when singing long?)

I do like to think of other kinds of music as a medium. Like when I was growing up in the mid-'90s I was watching music by a producer called Nick Kacie, whose head was spinning like a car engine. I also heard "Crazy" by the same singer in my life, and was drawn in by the fact it was very, very fun. That was the first time I really watched these people and felt like I was following their sound. My love of jazz has evolved since then, so I still find myself following their music.

Have you been in this musical field too?

I've been in it all a few times. You never really see it until you listen to it. I was listening to it on a whim. As far as the soundtracks go, I was kind of on the fence though.

Do you look back at you and feel proud of the work you've done when you were in high school?

I definitely know I could have done better in my teens and twenties. A lot of artists have their best careers. It was easy going, playing hard. And, of course, it was exciting, as my family and I grew up. My father was a big fan of rock music and I loved my guitar. He loved his music. So, growing up at the same time, he just wanted to bring a new sound to his life. He went on to develop a really cool sound that is something he would have picked up from the band's first albums

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